Actu-All Chemicals

Sjonni van Oosterwijk

With over 40 years of experience in the chemicals industry we have added a new task to our portfolio: diisocyanatobutane. With diisocyanatobutane we want to deliver the highest grade monomeric material for the synthesis of bio(degradable)polymers.

Our goal is to enhance the scientific research in the development of green biodegradable products. These products should give a great potency for future applications in human health. Our latest finding regards 1,4-diisocyanatobutane, a monomeric product which enables the production of non toxologic biodegrable polymers.

Our mission is to enhance the accesibility of good and high purity monomeric substances for bio(degradable)polymers. To enhance scientific research we offer our products for an reasonable price. We strive for more affordable solutions and therefore will always offer you a fair price.